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Email Notification Service

Being a current PATCO Information subscriber will not automatically enroll you in this new service. You must re-enroll. It is easy! Just fill out the form below. Select the information you want to receive, and provide us with your hand held device email, email address or BOTH!

Please consult your carrier/provider for instructions on how to determine your cell phone email address. Example: "" Also, please be sure to check with your carrier/provider that text messaging is enabled on your cell phone.

Privacy Notice: Your privacy is important to us. PATCO will not distribute your email address to any outside entity.

Customer Alert!
PATCO does not charge for this new service. However, receipt of PATCO eAlert messages may result in fees charged by your internet service provider or cellular/pager carrier. Please consult your carrier/provider for more details.

You may unsubscribe from this service at anytime here or visit the full website.