Travel Alerts

3/24/2018 11:48:32 AM

Trains are operating on or close to schedule. Check below for any special schedule in effect.

Special Schedules

Special Schedule for 3/24 (EB & WB)
[Download PDF]

Elevator & Escalator Information


Woodcrest - WestboundYesYes
Woodcrest - EastboundYesYes
Ferry AvenueYesYes
Broadway - East (WRTC)YesYes
Broadway - WestYesNo
City Hall
8th & Market - North, Concourse to PlatformYesYes
8th & Market - South, Concourse to PlatformYesYes
9th/10th & Locust - Street to ConcourseYes
9th/10th & Locust - Concourse to PlatformYes
12th/13th & Locust - Concourse to PlatformYes
15th/16th & Locust - Concourse to PlatformYesYes

Yes - In Service No - Out of Service Last Updated: 3/23/2018 7:14:18 AM

Email Notification Service

PATCO is proud to provide you with an improved email notification service that includes a new eAlert feature. Now, you can tailor the information you receive to your specific commuting needs.

These messages are time sensitive in nature, and meant to notify you of an event or service disruption that may affect your commute. If further information is available about an incident, it will appear on PATCO's website. We will update you in a second eAlert message when the disruption has been cleared.

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